At AIPSS, we are at the forefront of technological innovation, specialising in Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Tech research. Our dedicated team crafts cutting-edge software solutions tailored for Government entities, public administration, and military sectors. In addition, we offer an expansive outsourcing department for software development dedicated to the private sector. Our offerings encompass the provision of dedicated teams or individual programmers, adept at seamlessly integrating with your existing structures and helping you achieve your business objectives with efficiency and precision.



Optimal Quality-to-Price Ratio

Between 20% to 40% Saving On Direct Cost. Boost your operational efficiency by tapping into Romania’s cost-effective framework, connecting you with highly skilled local talent – Romanian developers.


Robust Cybersecurity Expertise

Leverage the prowess of our programmers predominantly hailing from Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, which has officially emerged as the Cybersecurity center of the European Union in 2023, testament to the rich pool of IT talents the country nurtures.

We are renowned for identifying and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities in government systems, positioning us as experts in fortifying your defenses against the most sophisticated threats. Cybersecurity is our no. 1 priority when we develop software. The Romanian Government honored our CEO for his pivotal role in enhancing the cybersecurity of the National Payment System.


Selective Recruitment Processt

In the final stages of recruitment, candidates are personally interviewed by one of our stars: Alexandru Panait (CEO) or Ionut Budisteanu (CRO), a stringent process that ensures only the highest quality professionals join our ranks.


Risk-Free Developer Replacement

We ensure seamless project continuity by offering a hassle-free replacement of any programmer not meeting your needs, at no additional cost within 30 days, guaranteeing the right fit and uninterrupted progress.


No Cultural Barriers

Romanian developers, with their deep understanding of both European and U.S. cultures, ensure seamless integration into your team. Their familiarity with global tech standards and practices makes Romania a leading IT services partner in Europe.


Proficient English

Our engineers embark on their English education journey right from primary school. This strong foundation, especially beneficial for tech professionals, ensures that the majority achieve proficiency levels ranging from B2 to C2, facilitating seamless global communication.


Unmatched Speed and Responsiveness

Demonstrating our ability to respond swiftly in crisis situations, we successfully developed Refugees.ro, the world’s first platform to aid Ukrainian refugees just one day after the onset of the conflict. This platform quickly garnered millions of users and housed thousands of offerings for refugees. UA Government, Bloomberg,The Conversation, Destandard, etc. Published about this.


Dedicated Teams

Whether it’s offering dedicated teams or individual programmers, our collaborative approach ensures a seamless integration with your existing operations, promising an enhancement in efficiency and output.

What we do

Empowering Projects with OpenSource Talent: Your Vision, Our Expertise.

#Java , #Node js , #DevOps , #React , #.Net , C# , #PHP
IT Recruitment Services

Our customized recruitment approach ensures a close collaboration with your organization. Leveraging our resources and know-how, we precisely identify your hiring requirements and match them with the ideal candidates from our vast talent pool.

IT Team Extension

Our IT professionals can supplement your organization’s in-house team for temporary or ongoing projects, in order to fill expertise gaps or scale your team fast.

Custom Software Development

We design custom software solutions aligned with your organization's unique needs, ensuring improved efficiency, heightened security, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Our business model is adaptable to your preferences. Choose your collaboration style:

  1. Project-based
  2. Time & Material
  3. Fixed price project
#Java , C# , #DevOps , #.Net , #React , #Node js , #PHP
IT Recruitment Services

Our tailored recruitment process enables us to work closely with your organization, utilizing our resources and expertise to understand your unique hiring needs and find the best suitable candidates from our immense talent database, ensuring the perfect match.

IT Team Extension

Our IT professionals can supplement your organization’s in-house team for temporary or ongoing projects, in order to fill expertise gaps or scale your team fast.

Custom Software Development

We create software tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your organization, which offers benefits such as increased efficiency, enhanced security, and a better fit with the organization’s systems. 

We are very flexible as business model, so You decide the way You want to work: 

  1. Project-based
  2. Time & Material
  3. Fixed price project

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