It is crucial to understand that the digitization of Romania directly impacts our physical and mental well-being through the services and procedures that are part of our daily lives.

Standing in lines for shopping, certificates, payments, registrations, prescriptions, or obtaining official information that concerns us is not a healthy option, neither today nor in the future.

We are already aware that this medical crisis is rapidly infecting the global economy with dramatic effects. Therefore, we can anticipate a post-COVID-19 world affected by medical, social, and economic vulnerabilities. In comparison, the financial crisis of 2008 seems like a mild cold.

Transformation is inevitable, and 2020 is the year when Romania and its public authorities must undergo radical changes to avoid a convalescence we believe we cannot afford.

Now is the critical moment for all of us to lend a hand and truly digitize the public administration of Romania. Not only to prevent crises of such magnitude in Romania in the coming years but also to infuse Romania in 2020 with the vitamins it has long needed to grow and thrive. We need technology to remain strong together, even from a distance.

We need a more responsible, faster, transparent, and medically and procedurally resilient country.

It is no coincidence that our team began investing in the development of cutting-edge software for municipalities half a year ago. This gave rise to “e-PrimariaTa,” a solution that transforms queues at government offices, standardized forms, and paper files into secure online data, documents available 24/7, and records with just a few clicks.

Over the past few months, we have been on-site in five counties across the country, discussing with mayors how we can make their lives, as well as the lives of the citizens they serve, easier. We have noticed that very few mayors understand the need for digitization, with most showing little to no interest in this regard, not even at minimal acquisition costs.

However, these days, when social distancing is mandatory, such a solution is essential for the optimal functioning of public administration.

For this reason, the AIPSS team is now offering the solution for the digitization of public administration for free, within the limits of available resources.

We don’t just have an idea; we have a tested software solution ready to address the needs of municipalities across the country. We have already developed functionalities with immediate applicability:

  1. Online document registry – for submissions and registrations.
  2. Online document archive.
  3. Internal document management system.
  4. Complete history of all actions performed by officials and citizens in the application.
  5. Citizen’s account, where they can check and pay their taxes and fines.
  6. Citizen reporting system for local issues (with geolocation).
  7. Employee management system within the municipality.
  8. Department management system within the municipality.
  9. Live-generated internal organizational structure chart, reflecting internal structural changes.
  10. Efficiency reporting system for the activities of officials and departments.

These functionalities are poised to transform and streamline the operations of municipalities, making them more efficient and citizen-friendly.

The Advantages of Our System: Revolutionizing Public Administration in Romania

In the digital age, speed, adaptability, and efficiency are paramount for any system, especially when it comes to public administration. Our platform offers a transformative solution for Romanian municipalities, ensuring they can harness the power of technology effectively. Here are the key advantages of our system:

  1. Rapid Installation: Any municipality can be registered on our platform in just a few minutes, granting instant access to all necessary tools.
  2. Limitless Expansion: Our modular design allows for easy integration of new services without disrupting ongoing operations.
  3. Centralized Updates: Any system updates are applied simultaneously to all registered institutions on the platform.
  4. Customization Options: Tailored to the specific needs of public institutions, our solution can be easily adapted for police, healthcare, legal systems, and more.
  5. Decentralized Data on Blockchain: Data is securely stored on a public and transparent private blockchain, accessible only to authorized users and immune to third-party alterations.
  6. Seamless Inter-Institutional Communication: Systems can be interconnected, enabling instant data transmission between institutions on the platform.

We do not want to witness Romania grappling with its challenges using outdated and inefficient solutions. As a team of just five individuals, we are committed to implementing our solution as swiftly as possible in as many municipalities across the country as we can. However, we need your support to make this vision a reality.

Alexandru Panait

If the public administration in Romania responds as we hope to this “recipe” for progress, we will require the assistance of others to scale our free solution in a timely manner.

We hereby call upon companies that can support AIPSS’s initiative, whether through specialists or financial resources, to join forces with us in improving the lives of all. We are here for discussions, messages, and the formation of teams that will influence the well-being of 20 million Romanians.

Please send us a message at [email protected] or via WhatsApp at +40786734433, and let’s build together.

If you also believe that a country whose people are highly regarded in multinational software companies worldwide deserves to be responsibly digitized, we kindly ask you to contribute to our effort by sharing this message. Perhaps, together, we can bring Romania into 2021.

Share this article with your network of friends or with a member of the public administration who can immediately benefit from our free solution.

We are together, even from a distance. We aspire to a healthy future that swiftly surpasses the current challenges. Together, we can be together once more.