Alexandru Panait


Alexandru Panait is a recognized expert in the fields of cybersecurity and blockchain, with extensive experience in software solution architecture and research.

Alexandru Panait’s Achievements

He is the founder of AIPSS, an IT company in Bucharest, where he specializes in outsourcing and consulting, as well as the development of original products, such as SmartCity solutions like Gov-Smart, and blockchain technologies.

Security Breach

  1. Alexandru discovered a security breach in the National Payment System of Romania, which could have exposed the data of millions of Romanians. This drew the attention of the government, as well as the press and the cybersecurity industry in Romania. More about this cybersecurity incident can be read at Universul
  2. Alexandru discovered a securit breach in CNAS (National House of Health Insurance). He was interviewed by Euronews about this cybersecurity incident.


“Due to these achievements, Alexandru Panait was selected to participate in the European Commission’s ‘Next Generation Internet’ program, where he received multiple grants for research project on Trustless Democracy. The projects, named NGI Explorers, NGI Enrichers and NGI Saragasso aimed to strengthen strategic partnerships between the EU and the USA in terms of innovation and research. [Link to project details] | [Watch video]


Alexandru Panait was also nominated on the [Forbes 30 Under 30] list for creating the concept of GaaS (Governance as a Service) that enabled the digitization of all municipalities in Romania in just three days under Gov-Smart solution. This achievement garnered attention from the press and the technology industry in Romania.


Alexandru Panait also founded [], the world’s first platform dedicated to Ukrainian refugees. In just one week after its launch, the platform recorded 250,000 unique visitors and over 8,000 completed forms from around the world. Mentioned by Bloomberg


In addition, Alexandru was the co-founder and CEO of [WebDollar], a blockchain ecosystem built from scratch without any funding, which reached a maximum market cap of $13 million. He built a community with over 15,000 members and 25 developers.

Media Appearances

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